Having your next corporate event in New Orleans? Let’s find the perfect fit for your event and budget. Today’s corporate events are all about putting on a great show and providing entertainment for each guest. With our next generation of photo booths, we can offer a wide variety to the client. Prints, digital sharing, microsites, and company branding are just the start of your experience.


We have two distinct units offered. They are the MiniPod and ElitePod.

Each MiniPod has a touchscreen monitor for easy navigation through the photo booth process. This unit is great for the classic booth and/or simple GIF renders. It has a slideshow feature on the back screen playing in real time.

Each ElitePod has a touchscreen monitor for easy navigation through the process. It’s is our flagship photo booth. It has advanced capabilities with green screen photo and video, custom templates, animated GIF, morphing, glitch, filters, and much more. LED lights can be customized for each sequence. Digital branding on all of the screens and vinyl branding add marketing value. Dual flashes off the bounce card create evenly lit photos. A share screen on the back allows customers to get a digital copy of their media instantly.


Emails and cell phone numbers: This information can be collected at the kiosk in exchange for each photo taken. The client’s return email address can be inserted into the “from” field in the email transmission. For example, when the photo is received by the guest, the return email can be Photos sent via email can have custom messages sent with them. Email and text options can be turned off or on independently. The rear screen can run a real time slideshow or act as a share station for photos.

Surveys: After each photo session, guests can be asked up to three survey questions of the client’s choice. Surveys can be turned off or on independently.


Photo branding: Clients can choose a 2×6 or 4×6 photo template for approval prior to the event. All photo templates are custom made and revised at the client’s request. If your company has a graphics department, we can send over the specific requirements and use that template

Vinyl wrapping: Our ElitePod can be vinyl wrapped with a custom company logo for visual exposure. A full wrap or partial wrap is offered.

Digital branding: The ElitePod can have a client’s logo on various screens with this set up. The front monitor has a splash, live, and render screen to brand. The back monitor can have constant branding on it. The iPad station can have branding on the background.


Guest uploads: After each photo session, guest have the ability to upload to their Facebook or Twitter accounts. A custom quote can be inserted with each upload. For example, a guest uploads their photo to social media and the caption can say “RN Nurse Convention 2015.” The ElitePod has Instagram upload options. Each feature can be turned off or on independently.

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