Photo Booths

ElitePod – Photo Booth

• This is our flagship photo booth. It has capabilities to do many specialty requests.

• One attendant will work the photo booth.

• Each photo has the option to text, email, or print.

• Prints are not unlimited. Each guest does have the option to print a photo, from the picture they were in.

• Photos can be landscape / portrait or 2×6 strips / 4×6 postcard.

• LED lights can be programmed to the event colors.

• Screens have the option to have custom branding. (Graphic fees not included)

• Custom microsites are optional for branding. The branding shows when guests receive their digital media. (Graphic fees not included)

• Two flashes for superior output.

• Best for teens to adults, for camera angle.

•Special filters are available. One of the more popular filters is the Kardashian filter.